About me

I am a dentist graduated from faculty of dentistry Ain shams university Egypt 2007, but i love to describe myself by dreamer dentist ,as i have a big dream to dentistry&of course i ll tell you about it to not be curious to know …….

I wish to have an international dental hospital that have all dental specialities &each dentist work in his speciality even if he is a general dentist &love to work in endo or operative or any he or she ll have a place in this hospital ,dentists in this hospital are a big family love each other have a meeting every weekend in the garden of the hospital bring their wives &their kids to know each other &play together ,also the dentists ll meet for 2 hours every 3 days they ll have continuing education in those 2 hours &know more about new products in dentistry or new trick so this will give them a great experience .also there ll be a part of the hospital that ll be for people who can’t afford the price of treatment many to the children who choose to extract in a young age ,there ll be also a magazine that ll be published to teach pregraduates about us may in a day we ll have competitors.of course my dream have many details but till now it’s a dream wish in a day to have enough money to do it if you have the money begin to do this project &trust me you ll have fun in that &i can share anyone who ll do this project by many plans just contact me&i ll be there…

Ah i forget to say why i published this blog ,for 2 reasons that are equal one of them that i want to be educated in the field that i choose &to make others found the information that i want to know in an easier way than the way i searched for it .second reason i want to leave a thing to humanity may God forgive &bless me for it

about why almost of it is videos the reason is i love to see the information by a video than to read about it that’s why i choose to put he information like that

This is all about me if you have a comment or any suggestion don’ hesitate to send it on the blog or on my e-mail : drengel@rocketmail.com



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One Response to “About me”

  1. Astrid

    Hi Angel!

    Would you like to meet me on the internet for a talk? I am hardly in MSN the last few times. Sorry for this, but I would like to talk to you. Just write to me. I hope you are fine.

    Yours, Astrid

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