General Information

Are you seeking only for dental &medical information?or you want to be a

broad minded dentist know about every thing in this world!!!!!!

Let’s start to know (knowledge is power),i ll collect here the sites of valuable for each category

1) Artistic/creative
2) Career
3) Community relations
4) Fitness
5)  Learning
6) Fun,
7) Financial

1-creative (Computer category)

*About Computer hardware:*%26requiredfields%3dpagetype%3aarticle.hasvideo%3atrue%26start%3d12%26sa%3dN%26filter%3d0


*How to prepare your C.V.:

I ll give you 2 methods a)see samples

b)Download this program,write your information&the program ll do the rest

3- Relations with (God,Parents,people)

*you relation with God is very close&private relation ,we ll  discuss how to get powered from this relation


see that you still have time we-have-time

&finally build your life building-life

*you relation with your Parents in 10 points parents&me

*you relation with people in a proper manner(Etiquette,which is not only about well dressing but also well behavior with others)

To be a clever dentist with a bad manner= zero success(What you can’t know can kill your career)so i ll illustrate bases of Etiquette here


This is the most category that will help you to remove pain from your body&be an energized dentist


many dentists complain of pain in their neck&back&&&&&&…… let’s begin to make this simple excersises between every patient (after washing your hands)


2-Video: Forearm stretches &wrist stretches for the office

3-Video:Neck stretches &if you have more pain look at the video part

4-Are you still need more energy


what i have to learn in this life?this is a simple Question

All things in this life. a simple answer to your question too

1)Self defense:I collect what i see important to know in this playlist:

I ll cont. later ………….as i have to go now


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